My name is Ahmed Ashraf. I have graduated from the British University in Egypt, majoring Accounting accredited by Loughborough University, UK. I was top on my cohort and I am currently working on CMA part I. I am working as a teaching assistant in the BUE and always seeking for greater opportunities to learn and grow more in the practical field.
Speaking of my favorite subject, it would be Accounting Fundamentals. It teaches you the basics and essential elements about accounting and how companies record entries and prepare the financial statements to show the financial status of any firm. And I believe that any accountant whether he or she has no experience or has 10 years experience, there is always room to take such a course.
As I mentioned earlier, I majored Accounting in the BUE and I am passionate and eager to learn more about the practical field, hence, I would be very interested in the accounting department, specifically costing and budget analysis because it focuses on three main aspects. Firstly, is to plan and budget the activities and what the firm is willing to do, secondly is to implement the plan in an effective way and then finally report the results and observe any variances from the expected and actual results and always seek for improvement. Additionally, I am very organized, detail oriented, and capable of managing several projects at once and I believe this is whats needed in this department.
In my free time, I am interested in several sports such as swimming, football, and table tennis. I always try to keep myself in good form. And I usually give private tuition in academic centers as a part-time job and utilize my free time in something productive.
I am very interested in working for your company and I would love to move forward to the next stage. Thank you for your consideration.