Introduction: Yep that’s me Bilal Saddik, Lebanese, born in 1990. I am also a husband and Father.
I discourage stereotype thinking and instead I encourage creative thinking by being different and thinking outside the book
Now you might be wondering why you should hire me? Well give me few minutes of your time to prove to you that I have what it takes!
Education and Achievement:
In 2008 I was named the Redbull Football freestyle champion of Kuwait. Then after two years of hard work and dedication I graduated from Preston College in the UK with a diploma in Sport, coaching, teaching and instructing and awarded a certificate in improving personal exercise and nutrition. In the same year, I was named the school skills Winner by Bolton Wanders Fc
Then between 2010 and 2014 in Kuwait I founded and managed two international football schools, SKELPS football academy and British Football academy winning many local tournaments and organising international trips. Therefore, I have plenty of experience working with children all ages, abilities and backgrounds, having taught sports for over 1000 students with a focus on football and fitness.
This also allowed me to work with nurseries and both primary and secondary schools in Kuwait and also in Singapore, such as; One world international school and NTU university helping them to develop specialized sports activities for students of all abilities with a view to learning through fun.
My experience allowed me to work directly with Football school directors to manage and develop curriculum that meet the needs of students and the wider sporting community such as Koolkicks football academy in Singapore.
In 2017 I decided to continue my higher education, where I was awarded a place at the university of Essex studying a degree in businesses and management with a plan to graduate by the end of 2020.
While studying my degree, I also gained other certificates such as; First Aid Certificate from Singapore Red Cross, C License in Football Coaching, and other coaching certificates from Wolves Fc and Borussia Monchengladbach.
Due to my experience in sport and my strong personal brand I was offered a job to work as a part-time football coach at Borussia football school coaching children ages 5 to 13, during my time working there my u7’s team won the JSSL Football league Division 4, then few month later I was selected by the Football Association of Singapore to organise and be the judge of one of the international football skills challenge hosted at Jalan Besar Stadium.
Aside from my passion for sport and education I have gained valuable social media marketing skills and computer skills such as Adobe Photoshop, Web design, Microsoft, Excel, Power point, video editing and production and I hope these skills could be an asset when developing class or outdoor projects.
I can speak three languages, English, Arabic and basic mandarin Wǒ huì shuō huáwén yī diǎndiǎn Yīnwè Wǒ gāng kāishǐ xuéxí
And because I was born and raised near the sea and being a father, I am a confident swimmer and I have plenty of experience in cycling and indoor climbing!
Personal interests:
So that’s my professional background, here is a little bit about my personal life
I love participating in all sports, working out, BBQ, cooking and food! I like learning new languages, having fun making videos. I love socializing and being around people and having a good conversation. I also like interviewing sport professionals on my free time and volunteering every Sunday coaching motor skills activities for kids age 6 to 10.
So why you should pick me?
I have great number of positive testimonials from companies and individuals who I have had the opportunity to work with, You can view them on my website
I have coached over 1000 children in my career
I have coaching qualifications both from the UK and FiFa , First aid certificate to ensure health and safety of the people that I work with and many other certificates you find them on my website.
I love all sports both participating and helping others.
I am a part time university student at a British university and have attained the relevant IELTS English qualifications.
Being a father, husband, student, volunteer and employee has meant that my organisation and communication skills have had to be top level.
I am fully competent in all Microsoft software’s; I have the skills to put together this video.
Hope you find this video demonstrates my positive and passionate attitude.

If you are interested in what I can offer, get in touch or download my application letter and CV, you can find them on my official website Thank you