I am a 21 years old Italian UI/UX Designer based in Paris with 3 years of experience in creating visual identities and interfaces for established businesses and not.
Im focused in improving myself and learning constantly new trends thanks to my holistic approach to design i can work in every step of development in a website:
Research > Design > Development > SEO

Here it’s where all started learning the computer and programming basics at the Informatic High School in Bologna, Italy.
After my experience at Gonzodesign.it i decided to come in paris and pursue my passion for design at at l’Étape Design where i learned in-depth things such as: DTP, benchmark, wireframing,
prototyping, CSS/HTML, JS, typography, UI, UX, CMS and
Graphic Design and i received a Bac+2.

At the third year of my diploma i started working as an intern for
Gonzodesign.it a Web Agency based in Florence, Italy as a Junior UI/UX designer for 1 year of internship and 1 of freelancing
creating web sites in HTML5 / CSS3, newsletters, videos, flyers, banners, logos, personas, task models, user Journeys and helping during user testings.

During my mission for Pathtime i created: Web Site (UI/UX – Code), Web App (UI/UX), Mobile App (UI/UX), flyers, slides for pitches, sweatshirts, t-shirts, crowdfunding gifts, videos, logo animation, template for social posts (Instagram & Facebook), Gifs, images for promoting on platform like Producthunt, Social pages, Crowdfunding page and events photo editing.

During the last 6 months i had a mission as a SEO MASTER for Inkme.it an italian blog with more thank 300+ articles about tattoos.
During my experience at Inkme i learned to create and handle a SEO Campaign.