Hi, I’m Vanessa Lourenco.

I am a Customer Services Operational Manager, and a Leadership Coach, who has over 10 years in the Customer Service industry, and has built and managed several high-performing Teams, as well as, coached and developed many groups and individuals within companies.

From the moment I led and coached my first Team in Customer Service, I knew that I could make a difference in people’s motivation and make them become passionate employees who are one with the company.

I thought: what if everyone could be managed this way and feel seen and inspired to do their best? And that’s where my passion for creating Learning and Development, and Coaching content began, merging my skills as an Active Manager and my passion for Leadership Coaching.

So I started applying my Active Manager skills into my Teams and their daily lives, coaching and training them, guiding them in becoming outstanding professionals, who not only excel at their jobs, but are motivated to be themselves everyday, showing their true potential.

Some of my achievements:

.Becoming an Accredited Active Manager Leadership Coach.

.Leading and developing several high-performing Teams.

.Developing several workshops, such as Empathy and Soft Skills and Interview Skills, delivered at site, and business levels.

.Preparing the Head Leadership Team visit to our site, including engaging activities and storytelling.

.Successfully leading through substantial change within 2020’s challenges.

.Successfully leading a Change Focus Group, focusing on exercising a Voice of The Customer Programme, for the first time within the department, leading to valuable business insight, as well as, a collaboration with the Analytics Team, resulting in a CSAT Manager Dashboard.

If you’re interested in having me in your Team, let’s chat more.